Sweet Briar Lawns, LLC

Below you will find Labeling Info & Material Safety Data Sheets used by Sweet Briar Lawns

Lawn watering schedule and grass height requirements:

From May 1st to Sept. 30th the watering schedule is as follows:

  • Water every other day for 30 minutes a zone or section (in the A.M. hours after midnight)
  • If heat wave occurs, add an extra two days of watering a week to schedule
  • It’s okay to water around dinner time. (Just press manual button & have the system run through each zone.)

Grass height is most important to a healthy lawn from May 1st to Sept. 30th keep grass height over 3” to 4”. All lawn mowers are different. Check grass height after lawn has been mowed. Grass should look loose to the eye & still have color to it. If it looks scalped or light in color, lawn is cut too short. Then raise blades on lawnmower more.